Pan Intercultural Arts: Weapon of Choice Joint Enterprise Schools Project

Introduction from Pan Intercultural Arts (Pan)

Pan Intercultural Arts (Pan) is a Camden based arts organisation. We use creativity and the expressive arts to inspire and empower young people to unlock their potential. We lead workshops, projects and performances all over London. 

Image: Pan Intercultural Arts (PAN)

Image: Pan Intercultural Arts (PAN)

Weapon of Choice is our young theatre group. 

They are a team of young performers, artists and peer facilitators that care about community and social change. Together, they produce performances, films and drama workshops, which engage young people in a meaningful dialogue about their choices and futures. 

Over a year ago, our group created a Forum theatre play about Joint Enterprise. They toured this play around schools and were surprised to learn many of the young people they met had never heard of, or did not fully understand, the law of Joint Enterprise. Those that had heard of it misunderstood its implications and couldn’t imagine how it would affect them. 

What is Joint Enterprise? 

Generally speaking, the law holds offenders accountable for their own actions. Under the doctrine of Joint Enterprise, a person may be found guilty of another person’s crime. Young people have been disproportionately affected by the application of this doctrine, particularly in instances involving large groups of young people and violence. 

Whilst the law is controversial, and there has recently been a new Supreme Court ruling, young people must fully understand the law and how it could affect them in order for them to protect themselves. This is our project and workshop aim. We are a creative organisation so we use the arts (in this case drama) to help explain the law and to engage young people. 

As a result of our learning, we decided to make a film. 

Our Project Director, Zephryn Taitte, wrote the film and our young artists and facilitators acted in the film. We asked a barrister to help us with the legal side in order to be sure we accurately described and depicted the law. 

Workshop Details

The one-hour workshop includes showing Learners the film, playing games and drama exercises and encouraging them to discuss and understand the law. 

We engage young people through practical, drama activities. They are asked about their current understanding of the law, how it may apply to them (or their friendship/peer groups), they watch the film and we discuss the characters, the scenarios in the film and alternatives. 


The Mix is the UK’s free, confidential, helpline service for young people under-25. They are open from 11.00am – 11.00pm every day and they can provide help and advice on Crime, the Law and Rights, amongst other areas. Their free phone number is: 0808 808 4994.

Further Information

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