Archaeology & Espionage -Heritage Lottery Project at The Petrie Museum UCL Culture

Opportunity for secondary school pupils to take part in a discussion and creative arts-based workshop focusing on heritage in the middle east following World War One and the impacts being felt today. 

When: March - potential to facilitate whole class on a weekday or after school or visit to Petrie Museum - open to what works best. 
Where: Petrie Museum

World War One and British involvement had a profound impact in and on the Middle East, the repercussions of which are still felt today but have been under-explored within the public realm. With recent events in the region of Syria and Iraq underlining how important the legacy of the war was on nation building and identity, and the role of antiquity in both, it is more important than ever for there to be public information and discussion on this area. The workshops will facilitate a discussion on the topic followed by an artist-led creative postcard making workshop. 

Image: Petrie Museum

Image: Petrie Museum

How to book

For more information and a discussion on how pupils / classes can take part please email Helen Pike -