Fog Everywhere: theatre workshops exploring London air pollution

Free two-hour schools workshops for 15-19 year olds

When: Jan/Feb/Mar 2017 - flexible in response to school timetable
Where: in schools

Four FREE two hour schools workshops for 15-19 year olds are offered by Camden People's Theatre and Kings' College London. These workshops will offer an introduction to contemporary theatre making techniques, with a focus on exploring the science behind air pollution in London.

The workshops will be led by Brian Logan, artistic director of Camden People's Theatre, and participants may be invited to become performers in Fog Everywhere, a professional production about air pollution to be performed at CPT later in 2017.  

How to book

Contact | 020 7419 4841 |

(Image: A   previous   in house   show, 'This is Private Property')

(Image: A previous in house show, 'This is Private Property')