Visual Literacy, SEND and Learning Differences at the British Film Institute

A networking event for SEND professionals

This exciting event brings together a range of incredible speakers who have personal experience of the role film can play to celebrate learning differences and marks the launch of The SEND Hub a learning community for professionals who support all teachers to be teachers of children with SEND.

When: 20th January 2017
Time: 1.45 for a 2pm start
Where: BFI British Film Institute

The hub has a new website that plays host to resources recommended by practitioners and their schools. Professor Liz Pellicano will open the afternoon. Liz is the Director of The Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE); a unique initiative that has at its heart the ambition to improve the lives of autistic people and their families. The Centre is committed to understanding which factors, intervention programmes or classroom environments benefit autistic children’s learning and real life outcomes of autistic adults through evidence-based research. Read more about CRAE here. CRAE has successfully used film over the last couple of years to bring together those who’s lives are affected by autism to share, learn and innovate.

Other guest speakers to the BFI include Cristina Odone, Director of Character and Values at the Legatum Institute and previously Editor of the Catholic Herald and Deputy Editor of the New Statesman. Cristina's brother's story was told through the acclaimed film Lorenzo’s Oil.

The BFI is supporting Swiss Cottage School and the Camden SEND Hub to bring together a diverse and dynamic group, led by a number of guest speakers to discuss, challenge and defend the way learning difficulties and differences are represented in film.

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