Spotlight on The Jewish Museum

Who we are

The Jewish Museum aims to surprise, delight and engage all people, irrespective of background or faith, in the history, identity and culture of Jews in Britain. The Learning team creates a safe space to challenge perceptions, advocate for diversity and build intercultural relationships, by being experiential, inclusive and collections focused.

Schools Programme

The Jewish Museum is an amazing resource for school groups from Early Years to Key Stage 5. As well as inspiring a sense of discovery and creativity, our wide-ranging, cross-curricular workshops encourage students of all backgrounds and faiths to explore Jewish culture, heritage and faith as part of the wider story of Britain.

The majority of our workshops are grouped into four categories:

  • Discovering Judaism: a series of hands-on, interactive, multi-sensory workshops designed to encourage pupils to learn about the vibrancy of Jewish religion and culture today.
  • Exploring History: a programme of object-based interactive workshops designed to engage students with the history of Jewish religion and culture in Britain. During the workshops students handle artefacts, archival documents and spend guided time in the museum’s gallery exploring the rich and diverse history of British Jews.
  • Investigating the Holocaust: Our sensitive and thought-provoking workshops focus on a range of artefacts from the permanent and handling collections at the Jewish Museum. All sessions are led by our highly experienced team of Holocaust experts who are specially trained to deal with the delivery of this sensitive topic to children. The museum also provides the rare opportunity for students to meet and hear the testimony of Holocaust Survivors and refugees from Nazism. For Year 5 students and upwards.
  • Revealing Arts: These new workshops for EY/FS and KS1 are a fun and creative introduction for students to get to know the objects in the museum whilst making links with Jewish religion, history and culture.

What is the Camden Community offer?

The Camden Community Programme enables state schools in the Borough of Camden to visit the Jewish Museum for a full day of workshops for only £2 per student. This Programme is available to Camden state primary and secondary schools.

‘Thank you for an enjoyable and great learning experience!’
Year 5 Teacher, Camden

‘The students have gained a clear understanding of religious tradition in Judaism and of modern Jewish life in the UK’
Year 8 Teacher, Camden

Families, Young People and Communities Programme

We offer an extensive Families, Young People and Communities programme, which includes objecthandling, a weekend arts and crafts programme, monthly Family Days for ages 0-5 and skills focussed ‘How to…’ workshops in the schools holidays for ages 6-16.

We also offer Autism Friendly mornings and are partnering with several community groups across the borough and beyond to deliver our Animated Museum programme, which allows people access to our collections and the opportunity to use film to reinterpret some of our star objects.

For more information about all of our programmes please visit