Pan Intercultural Arts and CCfL joint project


Pan Intercultural Arts and the Camden Centre for Learning are working on a co-designed integration project to support Year 9 KS3 students moving to Year 10 at the KS4 site.

The integration project has been co-developed to meet the needs of some of our most complex students. The development of this project has followed a close working relationship with Pan for the past 5 years. This project developed as direct result of a targeted need for our KS3 students who have found it hard to make the KS3/KS4 transition resulting in lower engagement and anxiety for the pupils when they arrive in year 10.

Previous projects have focused on using forum theatre, games and exercises to support creativity and a reduction in criminality and now these two aims have been amalgamated with integration to create a bespoke product. Students from KS4 have been working at the KS3 site and students at KS3 are now coming up to the KS4 site. For many of our students, some of whom have only ever been in Special or PRU education this is the first time they have worked in large class sizes in such a co-operative and rewarding manner.

The project will be ongoing until the end of summer term with a short performance at the end.

Pan's CCfL school residency project is supported by St Andrew Holborn Group Charities.

For more information about previous project work between Pan Intercultural Arts and the school please contact Camden Spark