Some highlights of Camden Spark projects with Rhyl Primary School


When compiling information for the brokerage model last academic year, Harriet Carter, Assistant Headteacher at Rhyl identified that there was a need in year 4 with maths support across the board. Straight away it was clear that the Complicite* proposal for involvement in the Embodying Maths project would be a good fit. The Camden Spark Networking event at the British Library in November was useful as here Harriet got to talk to Dina from Complicite, and to Torriano School who had previously been involved in the project.

The CPD day was great.  Following this Harriet had a meeting with Poppy and Dina about the type of drama, highlighting the importance of the curriculum links with speaking and listening as well as the importance of building on confidence, collaborative learning and reciprocity.

Embodying Maths complimented the Maths curriculum for year 4, introducing a number of easy exercises making times tables more fun to learn. It also fulfilled the focus on ‘greater depth’.

As well as the year 4 project with Complicite, Rhyl have also been involved in:

  • A project at the British Library around the exhibition Maps and the 20th Century: Drawing the Line with a group of boys from years 3 and 4
  • A dance and movement project with The Place who have worked with year 2 classes on topics of The Great Fire of London and Africa
  • The October Gallery worked with both reception classes delivering 30-minute art sessions with which have been perfectly pitched at the age-group.

Rhyl hope that their relationships with these creative partners will continue beyond this project, but Harriet has identified a potential barrier next year because of cuts to staff and to funding for time out of school for staff. 

Harriet says of Camden Spark ‘You are amazingly valuable so thank you’

*Until the 25th you are able to watch Complicite’s The Encounter, recorded at The Barbican, on Camden Spark’s website: