DXC Codes – A Global Challenge creating excitement about Computer Science


Technology is everywhere, changing every industry on the planet. We know we need an enormous workforce of future technologists; yet today, only one in four schools teach computer science.

DXC Codes is a DXC Foundation initiative that will introduce children to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) activities and careers with a fun and engaging IT challenge and competition. As technology evolves and programming becomes a growing part of so many professional fields, we want to inspire a passion for programming and computer sciences in today’s youth.

What is it? A coding challenge using Scratch - a fun and free coding platform for beginners.

What do I have to do? Teams will have until April 27, 2018 to develop and submit an online project. Entries will be evaluated by our panel of judges for creativity, originality, technical merit & accuracy and good programming practices.

Why should I participate? Learning computer sciences skills is fun and easy … and develops skills that are great for your future!  You also have the chance to win terrific prizes.   Local and regional winners will advance to our global championship for even more prizes and bragging rights.

Click here for more information and to enter.