International Women's Day Focus: The Brazen Company

Loneliness summit play cartoon (2).jpg

Photo of work created by More Than Minutes @visualminutes

Clean Break’s young women, the Brazen company, have been working on a very important project looking at youth loneliness. They have recently received some funding from the Co-op Foundation through its ‘Belong’ programme, a national network of projects aimed at tackling loneliness among young people.

Clean Break Brazen wanted to share this opportunity with young women in the local area, in order to collect their understanding of loneliness and include them in this very pressing conversation. They will also inspire the students to create short pieces of their own to explore their experiences of loneliness. Workshops will be taking place this month with groups of young women in a number of Camden Secondary schools. 

Click here for a link to the podcast that Brazen recorded with Roundhouse on this topic.

Please contact to find out more about the group or if you would like your school to be involved.