Torriano Primary School Project


January 2018 – March 2018
Year 5 students from Torriano school are taking part in an exciting project with Camden Spark informed by the school's focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and their annual STEAM event. 

Both classes, accompanied by Francesca Beard, a poet from The Poetry Society, are visiting the Skip Garden in Kings Cross and learning about the work that Global Generation are doing there.  The students gain hands on experience in the garden and learn about sustainability as an example of how ‘organisations and communities collaborate to bring about change’. They are also being taken on a site visit of the Kings Cross Site, led by Argent LLP.  This includes a visit to the scale model and a roof garden and they gain an understanding about how new developments are informed by sustainability.

Francesca is leading follow-up sessions at school, and the contrasts and connections the children see during their site visits is sparking some brilliant poetry.  A poetry performance, building on the student’s oracy skills, will form part of the school’s STEAM exhibition towards the end of this month.