We work to ensure that all children and young people can benefit from a cultural education and have access to the fantastic creative assets of Camden and London.

Our aims

  • For all children and young people in Camden to have access to a wide range of high quality cultural opportunities at all ages
  • To enable children and young people in Camden to have the tools to develop personal, social and technical skills through creative participation
  • To find ways of helping children and young people access opportunities to progress into a career in the creative and cultural sectors
  • To enable teachers to feel more confident collaborating and engaging with the cultural sector
  • To work with teachers and school leadership teams – including governors – to help them to better understand how creative opportunities can support school priorities across the curriculum.
  • To support the cultural sector to connect and collaborate with schools in the most effective way


Camden Spark was conceived by Camden Council and The Roundhouse, in its capacity as an Associate Bridge organisation, to support all schools in Camden to access the best possible arts and cultural opportunities for their children and young people. Camden Spark is being driven by trustees from A New Direction, Camden Centre for Learning, Camden Schools Led Partnership, Camden Arts and Tourism, Camden Music Service, The British Library and Regent High School

Camden Spark is Camden’s Cultural Education Partnership, and was formerly know as Camden Cultural Commissioning model (CCM).