We connect schools and cultural organisations, signpost provision, advocate for the value of cultural education and support partners in fundraising and project management.

Core Strands Of Activity

  1. Brokerage
    We help cultural organisations connect their offer to schools. We present schools’ improvement priorities to cultural organisations, and encourage schools and providers to co-design a project that is led by school need
  2. Exposing the arts and cultural offer
    This website will signpost you to the wealth of provision that is on offer for Camden schools
  3. Advocacy
    We promote the impact and value of cultural education
  4. Project development and fundraising
    We work with schools and cultural organisations to design new innovative partnerships and support fundraising to deliver these initiative. 

What we do for Camden and London

  • Efficiency
    We make better use of available resources through innovative collaboration
  • Personalisation
    We provide a tailored and personal service that is quality controlled, relevant and meaningful for schools and other partners
  • Community
    Through building creative skills (empathy, tolerance etc.) we support a strong civic society
  • New talent
    We help build the next generation of innovators and access to creative industry jobs in one of the UK’s cultural hub
  • Reach
    We enable arts and cultural organisations to access a broader demographic for their audiences and engagement

  • Celebrate
    We platform innovative practice so that learning can be shared and impact can be maximised.